As you receive your tax slips, here’s a checklist to help keep your records organized. It is also a reminder of the information you need to bring to your tax appointment.

Personal Documents

  • 2014 personal tax return (if return was not prepared by us)
  • 2014 Notice of Assessment
  • 2015 tax instalment payments
  • Employment income slips T-4
  • Investment income slips T-3, T-5
  • Other income slips T-4A, T4RIF, T4RSP, T4A(P), T4OAS
  • Brokerage statements with details of sale of stocks etc.
  • Declaration of conditions of employment form T2200
  • RRSP Contribution slips
  • Charitable donation receipts
  • Medical expenses receipts
  • Tuition fees and interest paid on student loans
  • Professional dues
  • Children’s physical activity and arts program receipts
  • Child care receipts
  • Moving expenses
  • Public transit passes
  • Private health plan payments
  • Property taxes or rent payments
  • Rental property income and expenses
  • Spousal support payments




Self-Employment and Business Records


  • Home office expenses – rent, maintenance, utilities, property taxes, insurance, office and home sq ft.
  • Vehicle – mileage log for business vs. personal use, expenses including gas, repairs, insurance, license, loan interest and lease payments
  • 2015 books and financial statements
  • Details of revenue and expenses
  • Bank statements
  • 2014 Corporate tax return (if return was not prepared by us)
  • 2014 Notice of Assessment
  • 2015 Statement of Interim Payments
  • Inventory as of December 31, 2015
  • Outstanding Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable listing


The above list captures the most common items and it would be impractical to list all scenarios. To ensure your taxes are filed correctly, please call Tim Reynolds, CPA CGA at 647-991-4621 to book your tax appointment.


If you know of a family member, friend or business associate who can benefit from this checklist, please feel free to forward it.  I would also be pleased to hear from anyone you know who could benefit from our services.